Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Floor in Cameron's Studio Room Installed

The day began a bit earlier to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures.  I got the girl's school work started as Kevin and Cameron headed outside to cut some tree limbs that were too close and hung over the shed base we've completed, before we begin to put the rest of the storage shed up.

With the block down and rubber base covering it we needed to take out a few branches before we put the storage shed together.  There's a lot of trees that will eventually need to be thinned in the yard, but for now just the few branches that were really hanging over or too close to this shed.

Kevin cutting away some of these branches.

After clearing.  Ready for the shed to go together on another day.

With that done they then went to Cameron's shed/studio to work on his room.  Both worked together to install his ceiling fan.

The fan light goes up in Cameron's room.

Light globe goes on and...

We have light and a fan!!!!

Then Cameron came into the house to take over the rest of the girl's school lessons so I could head out to help Kevin put down the first of the flooring in the bathroom area.  We chose to use vinyl tiles in two different sizes for a more interesting look and pattern.  We felt the vinyl flooring in this room will work better than the laminate we'll be installing in the main floor area.  After painting on the flooring primer the other day we began experimenting with patterns and direction for the tiles.  Once we were satisfied with the pattern we liked, Kevin began carefully lining up and laying the peel and stick tiles.  I served as helper taking trash, handing pens, utility knives, rulers and more tiles to keep the flow going.  We covered the entire surface of the bathroom floor area in about two hours. We chose to cover areas that will be hidden by the shower base and vanity, as it keeps everything level and will help in moisture protection. It also reduced unnecessary cuts and shaping of the tiles.

Vanity near bathroom entrance.

Shower base sitting in the location it will be installed.

You have to look close to see the combination of 18X18" tiles with the 12X12" tiles mixed in. It didn't
show that well in any of the pictures I took so will have to try again.  The coloring shows up better in the previous picture with the shower base.

Once these were all laid we set the shower base in and the vanity to get an idea of the bathroom layout and the look it will eventually have once completed.

Then it was time to head to Lowe's to pick up the laminate flooring we'll put in the main bedroom area.  We'll use the remaining vinyl tiles to complete the closet floor. So as the post title states -
the first floor in Cameron's room is in!!!


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