Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cameron's Main Flooring Gets Installed

After finishing the bathroom and closet floors with the vinyl tiles it was time to start on the main living areas floor.  Patrick came over to give Kevin and Cameron a helping hand with this.

Floor done with the vinyl tiles in the closet

The underlayment going down.
First laminate pieces being installed

Patrick fitting a piece in place.

Since Father's day is coming up Kevin asked for a laminate saw that he'd wanted to be an early gift so he could use it on this project.  So when we made our trip to Lowe's to buy the laminate we picked this up as well.

Kevin using his new "toy". Turned out to be a really great buy and help!!

The guys working together really made quick work of this project.  They weren't able to completely finish the floor yesterday as one of the boxes of flooring had flaws on every corner piece.  So a trip back to Lowe's this morning for Kevin and I to exchange this and then he and Cameron finished up the laminate and Kevin put the threshold pieces down between the bathroom and closet floors and the living area floor.
Last pieces going into place.

Threshold piece being nailed in place.

While the guys were working on this I had been shopping online for an appropriate style of sleeper sofa for Cameron's room.  He wants to be able to have a studio apartment appearance and it obviously needs to serve as his bedroom.  I looked through a lot of reviews and the biggest complaint with most sleeper sofas is the support bar that eventually became a real irritation when trying to sleep comfortably.  The problem with most futon style sleepers was they were either too small or uncomfortable.  I found in this process one sleeper sofa that consistently received good marks from customers and that was for Ikea's "Beddinge" style sleeper sofa. After a bit more searching I found that there is an Ikea in Orlando, only 36 miles from our home and they had these in stock.

So after lunch we all piled in the truck and headed out for Ikea.  I'll post our finds tomorrow when we have them set up in Cameron's room.  Until then, good evening : )


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