Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Garage and Yard Sales

Weekends have been a great time to head out and plan out routes for hitting garage, yard and estate sales.  That's what Kevin and I did this morning with our partners in crime Patrick and Jennifer.

We started out going to what was advertised in the local Pennysaver as a "HUGE Clearance Sale" of hunting, fishing and a whole list of other goods from store closeouts.  What a disappointment!!! This turned out to be a lousy pawn shop with a handful of junk they'd accumulated in only a few of the many categories they'd listed in their ad.  So with that sad start to our day we rallied ourselves and headed off setting the GPS for our next destination.  A few more yard and estate sales later we found ourselves near Brenner's Second Hand Furniture and Auction location.  At last Jennifer was able to find a China Cabinet at a great price, that she'll be repainting for her needs.  After dropping this off at their home, we checked on our kids, all doing great under Cameron's care.  Since he'd already fed them lunch the four of us headed to Sanford's Historic Oceanfront District to a Bar and Grill known as Wolfy's.
Wolfy's  Bar and Grill in Historic Downtown Sanford

Jennifer and Patrick

View of water thru the screen window next to us

Scenery just outside the restaurant

Downtown Street and water view

Shaded areas along boardwalk with great swing chairs to relax on

Paddleboat coming back into port

The clouds kept threatening rain, but the temperature was balmy and comfortable with a nice breeze.  So we sat out on the screened porch area and enjoyed a delicious lunch of burgers and sandwiches.  It was nice with the water next to us and birds and a few boats to watch as we talked and ate.

These excursions have been a fun sort of treasure hunt, looking for bargains and finding those special pieces that will serve our furniture, tool or yard needs.  We'll usually come across a fruit and vegetable vendor and bring back some delicious goodies to enjoy throughout the week.  Today we got cherries and peaches that smell incredible.  A truly fun and productive outing!!



  1. What a fun day! Sounds like my kind of a day. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Looks like everything is going really great for you in Florida.

    1. Thanks Janet, we are getting settled in our new home. Glad things are coming together for your daughter's wedding. Know how much work this can be!!
      All the best for a beautiful day for you all and in your new business venture.