Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Love to read the poem titled for this blog post, and though it's not Christmas Eve yet, it is Christmas Eve day and last minute preps are taking place, lists are being checked and kids - including big kids - are getting excited for tomorrows activities.

Small tree in my work area and the doll house my grandfather made me

Main tree in our living room

The house is decorated, the food for Christmas dinner is purchased and initial preparations have begun. We'll be checking NORAD and now I see Google Maps are  also displaying Santa's around the World progress.

Decorations on the top of my desk
Cameron's tree
Hannah's tree

Lauren's tree

Tree in the sunroom

Growing up, Christmas was always a special time and this season always brings out the big kid in both Kevin and I, so we find ourselves trying to allow that same magic for our children too.

Kid's stockings by the fireplace

Tree in Kevin's office

Small tree and decorations on top of the TV cabinet

We're sending you our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!!!

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