Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookie Baking with Grandma

Yesterday Grandma came over to make cookies with me and to help the girls decorate some of the sugar cookies we made. 

We spent most of the day mixing, rolling, baking and finally decorating an abundance of yummy cookies.  I didn't actually count our final total, but in looking at the variety and numbers, we easily made 15 dozen or more.
Let the decorating begin

Me rolling Sandies in the powdered sugar, messy, but oh so good!

Grandma took some home for she and Poppie, and two small packages to give, and after putting some in cookie tins for us, I put the rest in freezer bags and loaded our freezer with the rest. 

Hannah wanted to make a melted snowman cookie, like the ones  I made for my cookie exchange.

The girls decorating results

Won't have to buy cookies for months!!!!  Fun day, and the house smelled amazing as we baked.
Best of all, creates wonderful Christmas memories for the kids. Definitely a win, win situation!!

Enjoying the season,


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