Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4-H Lesson and Hay Ride

Last night was the girls 4-H meeting.  The location that we meet at was all decorated for the Christmas Season with their "Christmas in the Country" Theme. After checking the feed and condition of the animals, we sat for our lesson on eggs and how they are formed within the chicken.

It was really interesting, even for me learning that the color on the egg shells develops at different stages depending on the type of chicken. That blue or greenish tints come earlier in the development, while brown eggs have the color added just before the egg is laid.   Also the yolk isn't the baby chicken as I'd always assumed, but is what nourishes the chick as it develops.  I'll download the information sheets and print them for the girls to use in their schooling as we explore this subject further.  There are so many wonderful online resources that will help us in this process.

Then after the lesson, everyone was treated to a hayride through the extensive light and display show that was set up.  It was really fun, and we were all quite impressed with all they'd done to prepare for this presentation.

Our group ready to go

Our meeting hall all lit up

A 40 foot magnolia all lit up

After the ride we all gathered around the fire that had been made and had roasted marshmallows. YUM!!!

Kevin putting marshmallows on roasting fork

Time to roast them

Enjoying the results

With that our meeting ended and since it's not our month to feed animals, we won't be back over until after the new year begins.

Today after our schooling, we'll head over to Epcot to see Christmas around the World and the lights there. We're hoping with it being the middle of the week and school is still in session that it won't be as crowded as later in the month would be.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Either way it will be pretty to see, and I know the kids will love it.  Will post these photos later.

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