Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell Doc

Today we said farewell to a longtime friend, when our cat Doc passed away.  Doc has been part of the family for 18 years.  He was a funny cat in that he could be so ornery and at times just plain grumpy, then he would demand attention and grab your arm to keep you petting him when you stopped the attention and all the while purring with his very LOUD purr.

Doc as a kitten

Doc with his brother on left, Marty - they were almost like twins

He has made three moves with our family since he first joined us as a kitten.  We had his brother for only a few years.  The two were named Doc and Marty since Cameron who was 2 at the time we got them and loved the movie Back to the Future, so he chose the names from the characters in the film.  They were about 3 months old when we found them at the animal shelter. 

In his cage for travel in the back of the truck as we moved from California to Florida

It's always hard to say goodbye, especially as we've had to care for him for and watch him these last few weeks as he declined, but we're so glad to have had him grumpy and all, for as long as we have.

Farewell, Doc and thanks for all the love you did share with us.


  1. So sorry to hear about Doc. It is always difficult when pet have to leave us.
    I love the Ice carvings. My kids would love to see something like this. My daughter has not seen snow yet and next year we are planning to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland and she just cant wait to see snow.

    1. Thank you , it is hard to say good bye, but so glad we had as long as we did with him. I think your kids would have enjoyed the ICE experience. It was beautifully done and a lot of fun. How thrilling to go to Switzerland and what a wonderful place to experience snow for the first time!!! Will have to watch your blog next year for all you'll get to see and do there!

  2. I'm so sorry for you :( I love cats so this news is heartbreaking, hope you'll stay strong through the hard times.
    ❅ blog

  3. Carolyn, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet thoughts!! It is always hard saying goodbye to our four footed "kids", but we are so grateful for having had so many years with Doc. Thanks again. - Lynda