Friday, December 6, 2013

Epcot Christmas Visit

Wednesday we finished school and made a late afternoon trip over to Disney with Grandma to check out Epcot's Christmas decorations.  I have to admit, compared to pictures online of previous years decorations, this years were really disappointing!!  Still we enjoyed our time and visited the countries to learn about the traditions of those that celebrate this season, and the traditions they practice.

We heard the telling of the journey to the Posada with Los Tres Reyes Magos, or Three Kings in Mexico.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus were in America, and  The Monkey King told his tale in China.

Saw several of the fern and poinsettia "trees" (left), then a few of these poinsettia "trees" pictured on the right.

In Norway, Sigrid and Julenissen, the Christmas Gnome were really funny in the telling of their story and traditions.

In Germany we missed the storyteller, so just took pictures of the decorations.

Italy had La Befana, the "kind hearted witch" telling her story.  Honestly I thought this a bit creepy- sorry to any tradition keeping Italians- and with the heat of the afternoon, we neglected to stay for the whole story.

Somehow we missed Canada altogether, but made a couple trips to United Kingdom to catch the story of Father Christmas, who despite my serious looking pictures, was really a very jovial guy.

Then Pere Noel in France was great!!  He was funny and really sweet with the girls. He asked them what they wanted for Christmas and promised he'd pass it on to "the fat guy" Santa, who according to him,they "went to college together" (smile) Lauren surprised us when she said that what she wanted for Christmas was a T-shirt that read "I Love You More".  We'll have to make sure Santa gets the word on that.

It was an enjoyable day and we really got our exercise in, as Hannah said " we walked around the world two times"!!

Pretty sunset as night moved in.

Have a wonderful day - Lynda

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