Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Ballet Performance

Cameron ready for his Christmas party
Christmas season is moving on and preparations continue. Parties are happening, and the girls have been excited about all the activities.
The girls have been taking a ballet class for the past few months, and last night was their first performance of the dance their whole class has been working on.  It was done to Hillsong's, Emmanuel, and was really a beautiful dance choreographed to a beautiful song.

Hannah has been organizing practices for she and Lauren, with the video their instructor posted on Youtube to learn the rather complicated hand movements.  She and Lauren have put in a lot of time since they were right at the front of the group they wanted to be sure not to embarrass themselves, or let their dance class down.

It was actually a stroke of good fortune when we went out last Wednesday and had dinner at Raglan Rose Restaurant.  The Irish dancers did their performance, then chose kids to join them onstage and

try the Irish dance along with them. Hannah and Lauren were asked to participate and got up on stage and did a good job with the dance shown them.  I was able to use this when Hannah began getting a bit nervous to say, "if you could get up and do a dance you didn't know in front of a group of total strangers, you can handle a dance you do know in front of an audience that for the most part you will know too".

So after this, they were ready to take on a public performance of their Christmas piece

Here are a few pictures of their performance that went off without a hitch.  The girls were thrilled that Grandma and Poppie came to watch them too.

So the Christmas countdown continues, with only 3 days to go.  I think I have all the preparations ready and now it's time to get my meal planned out so that goes as nicely as their dance did!!

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