Sunday, December 8, 2013

Local Christmas Parade

Getting our spot set up for viewing the parade

Last night was the Deltona Christmas Parade that Grandma had been telling the girls about since we first moved here. We arrived early to park and stake out our spot to watch.  We set up our chairs, then headed to a little diner nearby for dinner and to pass some time.  The temperature has been in the low 80's again, so it doesn't FEEL very Christmasy, we're hoping the cold fronts that have moved through a few times already return again. Still, can't complain as I watch the news with the freezing temperatures throughout so much of the country.

As it grew dark the parade began with the fire department doing the honor guard.

Then groups of school kids in local middle and high school bands were mixed in with a combination of simple to more complex floats came by for over an hour.

Cameron's favorite the sheriff's battering tank, with star decoration : )

Our neighbor's across the street built this float over at their home for their church to participate

The girls LOVED it!!!  They cheered, waved and gave thumbs up to all that passed by.  They loaded up on the candy that was handed out by virtually every group that passed by.  I let them eat one piece there and put the rest in my purse and a bag to store here at home for enjoying later.

For a small town, this parade was well represented by participants and enjoyed by a little over a mile of exuberant onlookers.  This was a fun evening for the whole family.

Santa and his float finishing up the parade

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas", keeps going through my head.  Need to put on the Christmas music and finish decorating the house. 


  1. Nice for the girls to enjoy a Christmas parade. We dont have Christmas parades here.

  2. It was a nice new experience. Except for some Disney parades they hadn't attended something like this before. Thanks for stopping by Paps - hugs