Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Decorations and Making Cookies

Okay as promised here are the first of our decorations.  Will start with the front door.  As I mentioned when I showed our finished results getting the exterior lights up, that the small gold bell wreath on the front door needed improvement. So I added a garland and some embellishments and lights to improve the appearance and size of the wreath.

Door with just the gold wreath after we put up the outside lights and the tree in Kevin's office - a bit bare.

The garland I used

Gold bell wreath "before" on the door

Then I took my pineapple guava plant and added floral decorations and put it in an urn, with a smaller pot of poinsettia's beside it and to the right side of the door.  What do you think?

Here's the wreaths new look, the added floral arrangements and garland.
Here's the night time "after" view of the entry and it's decorations

On Thursday I'll be going to a cookie exchange with some women from our church.  I need to bring 7 dozen cookies to exchange.  So I got started early this morning and so far have made 2 dozen  Lemon Sugar Snaps, 2 dozen Blackberry Sage Thumbprints and 2 dozen Melted Snowmen Sugar cookies.  I still have some more of my snowmen to finish decorating and then make cookies called Sandies.  It's a delicious butter cookie with pecan pieces and rolled in powdered sugar, YUM!!

Lemon Sugar Snaps
Thumbprint Cookies

Me decorating a marshmallow for a cookie

Some of my Melted Snowmen Cookies

The Melted Snowmen are cute, but without having smaller decorative tips to apply the icing they've been time consuming to make.  I think it's worth the effort though. 

That's it for now, need to get back to my cookie baking!!  I'm getting them done today, because tomorrow we'll be going to see the ice display with the theme Frosty the Snowman at the Gaylord Palms.  This will be fun for the whole family and I'll post photos on Thursday.  Until then, take care.

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