Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Christmas Day Celebration

Wow, another Christmas has come and gone!!  It's amazing all the prep work and build up, then it's over for another year.  It was fun, and we were blessed with a great day of being together to celebrate.

Our day began early with Hannah up and about, anxious for us to get up and turn on lights, so we could start.  Her reaction when she came out and saw the pile of goodies, and that Santa had not only eaten the cookies and milk for him, but the remnants of the reindeer snacks was also evident.  He had also taken the crafts she made for him and answered her note about last years gifts, and then had left a thank you on the back of her note.  She was thrilled!!

Lauren was a bit hesitant in coming out not sure if she'd find anything for herself.  With all the activities and build up these last few weeks, she's had a few meltdowns, and she thought she'd made it on "the naughty list", and could only look forward to a lump of coal in her stocking.  Santa was gracious in overlooking these as he knew she was trying to be better, so she was beyond thrilled to see the goodies left for her!!

Kevin, Cameron and I were not left out.  We each had wonderful surprises in our stockings and Cameron got a new Itouch that replaced his old one lost accidentally while fishing. Needless to say he was quite pleased with this.  So, after all the presents were opened, I got busy fixing our meal and preparing for Grandma's arrival.  Poppie wasn't feeling well, so he wasn't able to join us.  We made sure to send Grandma home with a care package of food, so when he was up to it he could enjoy some of what he'd had to miss out on.

After eating and talking, all the while Kevin was busy putting toys and doll stuff together, or installing batteries and testing electronics, we headed out front for the kids to test the girls radio controlled trucks and Cameron's remote controlled helicopter.  The day was perfect and it felt great to move and burn off a bit of what we ate.

Cameron really managed to maneuver the helicopter around beautifully

We ended our day with a few favorite Christmas movies, before finally closing out another incredible and blessed day!!  For all who celebrate Christmas, we hope yours was just as special.

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