Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Need Glasses!!!

Went to the optometrists office today to have all the kids vision checked out.  Hannah went first and definately needed to have the prescription for her glasses increased in strength.  This will help with the headaches she's been getting lately from the strain on her eyes with all the reading she does.

She chose these for her new frames.  Pictures a tad blurred didn't have my camera with me and I must have moved my phone as I snapped the shot.  Oops, still you can get the image clear enough from this picture.

Then Lauren went in with Kevin helping interpret her chatter for our doctor : )   Lauren has a bit of a speech impediment and understanding her can be rather challenging when you're not accustomed to her pronunciation.  We're working on this.  Needless to say when she was through she burst out the door and ran up to me with a huge smile, excitedly waving her arms saying "I need glasses!!!"  She was thrilled, because both her older sisters have glasses and now she gets them too.  Go figure.  In my day and world that would not have been a happy announcement, but for her she's beyond excited.

So we tried on several pairs of what I was adament with the wonderful lady who helped us,  needed to be a pair that was virtually indestructable.  Lauren has an ability to break almost anything, so we need to give ourselves the best opportunity for keeping these intact and functional as long as possible.  With as happy as she is to need these and the improvement she'll experience for seeing everything, I'm hoping she'll have some appreciation for taking care of them.  So here were a couple of contenders:

Looks like the same pair, but actually has different sparkles on the side

And this is the pair she decided she liked best:

My girl's definately have their own style and are fully confident about stating what they like and don't care for : )

Cameron's report was a slight case of far sightedness, but not enough to put a lens on, so he's our only family member who doesn't require some form of visual aid.

That's it for this post.  Have some big news I'll announce in the next post so stay tuned.



  1. I wasn't thrilled when I had to get glasses in 1st grade! (Way) Back then, it carried a not nice stigma! So glad things have changed. I lost my glasses last May right before I went to FL and have been managing with "readers". Stinks :)

    1. I know that's what Kevin and I were saying about our school days, WAY back when too! Our doctor said he even has girls who try to fool him into prescribing glasses when they don't need them because a "cool" friend of theirs has a pair they want. That is just wierd to me.
      Sorry about your lost glasses, that really does stink!!
      Hope they just turn up in some location you hadn't thought to check in )