Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year and New Beginnings

New Beginnings is the theme this year.

While I don't make New Year's resolutions, I do like to set a tone or direction for the new year.  Last year it was "clean up and clear out" and so as I said in a recent post we set our list and began knocking out projects to do exactly that.

It felt great to organize spaces that had become so cluttered from daily use.  We threw away, gave away or sold loads of stuff.  It wasn't only inside the house, but in the barn/garage and on the property that all this activity took place.  What we didn't realize as we began this process was that this was to be a preparation for a new beginning.

It seemed as the clutter went, ideas and optimism for change began to come into play.  We had been looking at out of state property for some time, with the idea that when Kevin retired we would move out of state.  In my "hermit mode" I was looking for a large piece in the middle of nowhere (smile).  My motto had become "100 acres, fully fenced, house in the middle"!!!

Reality is this might be fine for me, but my kids wouldn't care for it.  While they enjoy property and the garden, chickens, greenhouse, pool and the large play area that we have here they also enjoy interaction that might be challenged in a large remote area.  What started as a someday plan, began to take on more life as we realize Cameron's 19 and ready to really move forward with his life.  He's started  college classes online as the local Jr. College here is severely impacted with  courses extremely hard to get into.  I've stated before there were waiting lists for the waiting list!!  So we began our search in earnest.  Kevin's brother Patrick had been saying Florida for quite a long time as he owned a 2cd home here that was to eventually be their primary home.  Now that he had been able to convince Kevin's mom and dad to buy near him, he began pressing the qualities of this area.  So we started looking online at properties and began to see opportunity.  We pray as a family and made it a point to seek direction and timing.  It was amazing how fast we went from concept to reality, with so many extras thrown into the mix that will be a true blessing to our whole family.

Our priority now is to finish the necessary projects on the property still on our to do list, to pack and continue to clear out what doesn't really need to come with us to our new home.  Then to make arrangements for this home.  Rent or sell?  We have been reasonable with the debt on this home so we are still in a good position either way.  Also the correct timing for our move. More family prayer!!

It's an exciting and challenging time as we make a big step for our whole family that we know in the long run is the best move.  It's one of those times in life that you move out in faith and trust all will fall into place.  Will keep our progress posted through our blog as we continue on our life's journey.

So what's on your new year's change list?

(photo credit hassan)

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