Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Our home is feeling more like a storage facility as we pack up, open cupboards and closets and continue to pull out years of accumulation to decided what gets packed, donated or trashed!!

We pulled everything out of the top floor of the barn so the people buying could bring contractors over and see the space as they make plans for the changes they want.  Though there wasn't that much stuff remaining, it has still added to the clutter of sorting and the addition of a lot of DUSTY boxes!

We've ordered a dumpster to handle the extra trash we'll have.  Have had another Salvation Army pickup and are preparing our Goodwill pile to take again.  We're sorting through the outside items to make some decisions the same way we've been doing with the interior stuff.

This has also been a week of professionals coming over for tests and inspections along with a steady stream of contractors to look at and prepare bids for the soon- to- be new owners' projects. This began Monday as a gentleman from a well service came to test our well for water quality and performance.  It passed fine, we're just waiting for final results from the lab on the water. A county hazard report was ordered online and sent to the buyers agent. This just lets them know what, if any natural or manmade hazards might be associated with the property location.  Nothing of any significance in that - so pass.  Monday also saw 3 different contractors here.  We've had to do some temporary fencing to accomodate our dogs and keep them out of the way.  They are not happy with the reduction in the size of their yard and all the people coming in and out.  Afraid there's nothing we can do about that for awhile.

Tuesday was the septic being pumped out and inspected - YUCK!!!   It passed just fine though - YAY.  Two more contractors over and our neighbors dog who keeps escaping from his yard and just has to be a part of the activity going on here. He's friendly enough just adds to the confusion trying to keep him out of the barn or away from our dogs now confined to their smaller space.

Wednesday it was pest control inspection.  The big plus to this one is the man doing the inspection is a person Kevin used to be on a volunteer fire engine with ages ago when we lived in the mountains. After the inspection was finished they spent awhile recounting some of the funnier incidents on fires or emergency runs in the back country they covered.  It was great seeing him, oh and we passed that inspection too!  A new contractor and the main guy, Mick who is coordinating this project were here.
Neighbors dog dug under our temporary fencing and got into the dog yard and our dog bear had him down and was letting him know this was his territory.  Was trying to deal with this mess as the new owners arrived to measure an area before they headed to appliance store. 

Today, contractor from yesterday is coming back for measurements etc.  and we are inspection free for the first time this week so it's on to more packing.  Tomorrow the dumpster arrives and we'll make some progress this weekend getting stuff truly cleared out.

The prospect of moving and beginning new is really exciting, but the process is tedious and at times overwhelming.  Yesterday especially so.  I didn't realize how much I like my orderly and mundane life and routine until it's been so disrupted.  So I keep looking at pictures of our new location and focusing on what's to come to keep the tension level under control. The kids have been great.  Cameron's a huge help and the girls diligently get their school work done in the morning then retreat to their rooms for computer work and play.  Bless their hearts this is exciting and overwhelming for them at the same time, but they are showing themselves to be real troopers in all this.

So as I finish this in the quiet of the early morning, before anyone else is up. I'll post to the blog, get another cup of coffee and enjoy the moment before our crazy, busy day begins.  Have a good one.



  1. Excitement and anticipation ...wonderful! Routines and such will arrive with you in FL, never fear! I've never known you to have a mundane life!

    1. Thanks Guerrina, looking back have to say you are definately right. Life has never been mundane really, but I do enjoy the peace of just being boring sometimes : )

    2. Yes, life without crises is appreciated!