Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amazing, Awesome....

Nasa's "Hand of God" Image found in a Supernova

Amazing, Awesome.

These are just a couple of the adjectives we've been using to describe the recent turn of events in our upcoming move preparations.  I wrote in my post this n that about our project to do list which included meeting with a gentleman from a property management company to list our home for rent and that we had been scheduled to do this last friday.

 I'll back up to Tuesday night  when Kevin found himself wide awake and decided to update information about our home on the website Zillow because a couple of friends at his work had asked for information on our house and had we considered selling.  As he typed in the new details to update all the changes we'd made since the last property info had been posted 7 years ago when we added the pool, he noticed a link that said "Make Me Move".  It was a price you assigned to your property that would really cause you to consider selling.  He'd already researched comparibles of homes that had sold in our area and knew this price was in the high range but was still realistic, and would be one that would be a great return for us.  So he posted that and closed the link without expectation of anything more.  On Wednesday he got an email from a gentleman asking if our home was still available and then later that day a realtor left a voice message with the same question.  When he responded he found this realtor represented the gentleman who had emailed us and they wanted to come over right away to see the property.  It was late evening and we were just getting to dinner, the house was in disarray from packing and we needed to get cleaned up ourselves so we scheduled a time the next evening for them to come over. 

Thursday the realtor Bob, the gentleman Chris and his wife Sue all came over to see the house, barn and property. Bob arrived first when it was still light outside and had a chance to see around, but Chris and Sue had been delayed and it was dark by the time they got here.  They loved our home and kept asking all kinds of questions especially as Kevin had shared not only the changes we'd made to the bare land we originally purchased here, but also about our ideas we had wanted to do if we'd stayed.   They asked if they could come back the next day and see it in the daylight so they could really see the property portion that wasn't really visible in the cold darkness they'd been marching around in. ( It was FREEZING for us with the temperature dropping to 36 degrees and breezy.)
So we scheduled that and they left.  A little while later Bob called and said they were 99.9%  sure this was the property they wanted as they were purchasing a place for their 26 year old son to rent as he started his own business and they wanted to bring him over the next day too.

So as usual we sat down that night and prayed as a family that if this is what God had in store to bless our family then we were completely open and to make it work out. 

Now the rental agent had originally been scheduled to come Friday morning to see the property and potentially list it for rent, but we recieved a call from his office that he'd come down with the flu could he reschedule for the following week?  And everyone else was due to come in around 2 pm to see the property again.  When they arrived it was Bob, Chris, Sue, their son Nick, his friend and business partner CJ, a contractor named Ron and a pool contractor whose name I can't remember right now.

They all pulled up, made their introductions and began excitedly following Kevin all over the house and property to see everything.  Chris had Kevin tell Ron (the building contractor) about the plans we'd had for an apartment in the area upstairs in the garage and the attached patio with the french doors accessing it we'd thought would be nice for this space, but clearly we never got to.  They loved the flooring we'd done, and the style we'd developed in all the various things we'd finished.  Nick loved the fact there was a greenhouse and we'd been experimenting with our aquaponics system, plus that we had a garden, greywater system for the washing machine water, and rain collection barrels.  They went on and on.  The contractors both left after some quick discussions and everyone else came inside for us to talk.

To sum all this up they made a full price cash offer on the house!!  Then said they knew we weren't planning on moving until April, but if we would be willing to close earlier (in two weeks) they'd have us stay for free until  we were ready to move if they could have the contractors begin to build an apartment over the garage and patio the way we'd described we'd always wanted to do. The pool contractor would do the rockscape refinishing and painting we'd had on our "to do" list and could we show their son how our water systems etc worked so he could know how everything was run?  In exchange for this teaching he and his friend would gladly help us load our pods when they arrived for moving.  I am awestruck at how this has all worked out!!

In addition to getting an incredible price for our home, we get to see finished some of the additions we had hoped to make.  We know that those taking over this land that we've stewarded all these years have similar interests and appreciate the potential this place has.  The timing of everything was incredible and God's hand was so clearly involved.  Even the realtor Bob said, "we really don't know how we found your place we just stumbled across the Zillow notice for Make Me Move" as they were searching other multiple listing sites. 

So we've gone into overdrive finishing up the barn painting,  we found a nice home for the cats and Nick wants the chickens.  The moving pods are scheduled and we've refigured our move schedule to be able to head to Florida by the beginning of March!!!!!!!!

The cynic would say coincidence, I don't believe that.  There's a saying we love that "coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous".   So as Hannah has prayed each night "let us move sooner, rather than later and bring the perfect people to buy (she always said buy not rent) our home who would love it too".  God has answered the prayers of our little princess with her incredile level of faith and her expectation in His coming through always.    Amazing, Awesome, Inspiring and Humbling.



  1. It is great you found a nice buyer who would continue some part of the work you have started. Very rarely you would get someone like that.

    1. So true, we're clearly quite pleased that we can enjoy this reality!!

  2. There are no coincidences when God is involved! Woohoo!