Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This 'n' That

We are busy preparing for our move by packing up many items and storing them for now in our shed to both get the boxes out of the way and to get an idea of the amount of space they'll take up as we plan for the moving container size we need.

We have  a gentleman who is a realtor and has a rental agency coming by on Friday.  We've felt we would just rent our home at this time as opposed to trying to sell it in this market. So we've been fixing up items that need touching up or finishing projects that we'd started, but hadn't yet finished.

Kevin replaced the kitchen faucet as the old one had just finally worn out after all the years of use. Plus he made use of extra floor boards we'd stored in the garage after having to change out the kitchen flooring last year.  So he pulled up the old carpet in the master closet and laid flooring to match that in our bedroom.  Love the results, only wish we'd thought to do this sooner!!!

In the process of packing closets Cameron found the Noah's ark project he'd done ages ago built out of popsicle sticks.  Time to let go and trash it as we don't plan to pack and move this.  We also have Salvation Army coming friday for another pick up of furniture we won't be moving.  Rather than being sentimental or feeling any kind of loss, it really feels good to lighten the load and start fresh!!

Meanwhile in addition to their school work the girls have been keeping busy playing with their new Christmas gifts and helping us by entertaining themselves. Both still bounce between being excited about the upcoming changes and then saying they are nervous too.  I can appreciate this, as an adult I feel the same way, especially when having to make all the arrangements and being responsible for the outcomes of these decisions.  I have to stay focused on our goal and the benefits we expect with this move so as not to get overwhelmed by all we need to do to prepare. 

Dolls Pizza Party - love their creativeness : )



  1. Wow!!! It's really getting closer. The methodical way you guys are going about such an enormous task is so wise. May the Lord bless every aspect of your move and protect you all: body, soul, and spirit.

  2. Moving is not fun for me. But you sound calm. Also love the post about Lauren. It is a such nice thing you have done.

    1. Thanks Paps, glad I sound calm not so sure I feel it : )
      I agree moving is not fun. I like being in a new place, but it's the getting there part that is the challenge.