Friday, January 25, 2013

Park Break

As my last post stated we have been really busy in preparation for our move.  So yesterday we decided to take a quick Disney break.  Kevin has two personal days he needs to use prior to his retirement date or he loses them as a benefit and with the paperwork and inspections completed in expectation of today's closing on the house, we thought it a good time to head over there.
This was in spite of the early morning rain and more in the forecast for the day.

So glad we did!!  Since it was a Thursday the crowd was already thin, but with the rain (that stopped early in the day) it was especially so - just the way Mom likes it  (big smile here)!  We were determined to get on the main Car Race ride at the new Carsland area of the park.  Hadn't been on it yet as the fastpass tickets were always gone almost as soon as the park opened and the line for waiting has been well over an hour each time we've been previously.  To our surprise the fastpass was still available for late afternoon and the wait in line was a half hour, so we decided to do both.

Racer Entrance

Photo of our 1st ride. Note flying hair as we sped along : )

2cd ride Hannah's in back with Dad holding her tight as she was scared, Lauren's whooping it up, up front

With the exception of Hannah we all loved it!!  She enjoyed the first part of the ride that takes you through a series of scenes from the movie, but when we reached the last part of the ride where you are participating in a race with the vehicle next to you that was too intense for her and she was not a happy camper.  This was hard to believe as this is the kid that drives her Barbie jeep and tries to spin it the way a stunt driver would, giving Lauren (her passenger) a thrill and us yelling for her to settle down so she doesn't roll her car!!  Maybe it's not being in control of the ride that didn't settle well.

On the other hand when she picked to ride on the carousel later it was Lauren's turn to go from excitement to terror.  Seriously, go figure?  The little girl who just got off the really fast race car ride squealing with delight went from happy and smiley to hunched over, clinging to the carousel pole for all she was worth with Dad consoling her that it would be okay  the whole time.  Only once it stopped did the smile of pure relief return.

Lauren getting set to ride, still smiling

Kevin enjoying himself, Lauren not so much

Lauren's death grip on the pole and Dad reassuring her

Hannah loves this ride

AH, ride stopped I can smile again and wave like I had fun : )

We walked, rode on a lot of rides as so many you just walked right up and got on with the lack of a park crowd. We ate and took time to get pictures since we won't be in this State too much longer.
A photo I made sure to get was of Hannah in front of "her" purple house.  Purple is her favorite color and this house, which is a cute front for offices in this park, has always been one she's pointed out as something she'd love to live in.

Hannah's Purple House

As the day drew to a close we headed from California Adventure back to the Main Park and stood to watch the lowering of the flag ceremony.

We then rode a few more rides, had dinner and finally took the Monorail back to Downtown Disney to walk back to the parking structure and head home.  Had a great day and enjoyed not having to pack or do projects for one day.

Today we are due to close on the house, YAY!!!!!  Amazing, can't believe it's all happening so fast.  Kevin and I have dental appointments, oh joy.  Want to get these done for everyone prior to our move and we'll spend more time packing, cleaning and staying busy with our long "to do" list.  All for a great cause, so can't complain.  Take care and have a great day too.



  1. My kids were there two summers ago and they absolutely enjoyed.

    1. It is fun! Wow they were a long way from home.

  2. Now you'll have a new park to discover in Florida! Mmm...yeah...those blow the hair wildly rides...maybe sorta and I have a death grip on a carousel, too! Something about being off the ground and spinning :)

    1. Guerrina - now that surprises me that you don't like rides like that. I thought of you as more the fearless type : ) Yes we do have a new park to explore.

    2. I think once upon a time we were both fearless! :)