Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy, Busy , Busy

Not this much paperwork, but it feels like it sometimes

In preparation for the sale of our home moving forward and our upcoming move we have been busy getting necessary tests and work done on the house and property.  It feels like we've read and signed a ton of paperwork, though that might be a mild exageration (smile).  We are busy collecting and packing boxes with our stuff and just in general still cleaning up and clearing out.

Last Monday started with the well test, still waiting for the water results from the lab.  As mentioned in the last post we had the septic pumped, the pest control inspection, lots of contractors for the people who will be the new owners and then on Saturday we scooted out to take two of our kitties to their new home, get the girls new glasses, have the grant deed notarized and make it back home for a paperwork signing party with the new owners and their realtor.

SO happy with their new glasses

Today was the appraisal and this friday we will close!!

Even though the house will officially be the Fleming's our contract states we can remain until March 15th.  Our schedule is that we are planning to have the first moving pod delivered for packing on February 21st and the 2cd on the 25th.  Then they will pick it up on the 28th and the next day we're on the road on our way to FLORIDA!!!!!

In the meantime I've also scheduled my eye appointment and dentist appointments for everyone, in addition to our packing preparations. Final touches on projects we've started and don't like to leave undone are being finished.
We have the barn 98% completed, just a few spots that need to be gone over and the white trim done.

Barn/Garage Old Color

Now with new color

It's been a whirlwind of activity, but all for a desired outcome that we are really excited about.

Will keep you posted - Lynda


  1. Reading that leaves me breathless!

    1. Isn't God amazing at what he surprises us with and puts in wonderful order? So excited about all that's happening, but will admit to being overwhelmed at all the details to get done. Have found ourselves going to bed early just worn out by all the activity. Guess that's a good sign!!