Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trials and Promises

Yesterday morning began here with a beautiful double rainbow in the sky spanning over a cold and rainy scene.  I was opening a window when I spotted it and ran out with my camera to try and capture the image.  It was a beautiful full rainbow and as much as I tried I couldn't capture the whole thing.

Sadly the day's pleasant beginning was marred as news reports began to come in of the tragic shooting at the elementary school that took the lives of all those kindergarteners and adults in Connecticutt.

Vigil held last night in Newtown for those mourning

As our family prepares for a happy time of celebration we do take time to pray for the families in this community and those still trying to recover from the enormous hurricane Sandy last month whose lives are still in such chaos.  The contrast makes you pause to take stock of the many blessings we are thankful for. 

Cameron had his youth Christmas party last night and he decided to dress up a bit more for it.  Thought he looked quite dapper in his sports jacket.

So as we continue to carry on and plan our holiday celebrations, we do pray for others who are struggling to find joy at this time.  I'll hold to the covenant promised by the beautiful rainbow I saw yesterday and our heavenly Father who gave us this promise of His goodness and faithfulness that we can cling to.  God bless and keep you all.


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