Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Calendar

Both girls waiting for the days intro to finish

I had thought about purchasing an advent calendar, or the one offered by Jacquie Lawson who does those beautiful e-cards.  Hadn't got around to doing anything about it, when I received an email from the Jacquie Lawson company, telling me my parents had given us a gift of their advent calendar.

So each morning since December 1st we've been clicking on to watch the video presentation, or as with the 3rd day, built our snowman (in our case snow woman) and then see as a new ornament is added to the "village tree".  This counts down the days until Christmas.  The kids love it!!

Hannah pointing to the new ornament

It's been so much nicer than just tearing away a piece of paper to see the picture behind it, or getting a candy in other types.  It's had so much more interaction from decorating the workshop tree, to the various village puzzles and then each day it's something new as the ornaments go up and the count down continues.  I look forward to what's next almost as much as the kids.  : )

The Village Tree

Have a great day.



  1. This is an interesting countdown.

    1. It's proved to be much more so than those others we've used in the past : )

  2. That one really does look like fun!

    1. It really has been a lot of fun and not just for the kids. It takes a lot of memory on the computer though because of all the graphics and interactive activities.
      Definately spoils you when compared to the old traditional ones : )