Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Movies

It's part of the season and our family tradition to pull out the box of Christmas movies we've collected over the years and revisit these favorites that have become part of our regular celebrations.  We'll also tune into channels like the Hallmark channel that feature newer ones. Some are good other's junk, but they all play into the season's celebration.  Here are a few of our regular Christmas "must watch" movies:

My favorite A Christmas Carol.  I have DVD's of about every one they've made, but the versions I like best are -

Then there are some other of our favorites:

I'm always watching for newer ones and a couple years ago Disney came out with a TV special called Prep & Landing, then last year it's follow up Prep & Landing, Naught vs. Nice.  These have joined our must watch list.  In fact these are on tonight and though we have DVD's we'll still be tuning in.

So how about you, what's a favorite Christmas movie?



  1. All time favorite is "White Christmas". I've got to get it on DVD as I can't find my VHS this year! Ahhh! Love the Lifetime movies, too, and recently found that on the weekends, Ion TV has been doing Christmas movies.

    1. I had Kevin and Cameron in a singing competition the other day with various songs from that movie. It is a good one. I've been tuning into Lifetime and Hallmark to catch some of the newer movies out. A few good new ones.