Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cold Season

"Tis the season" for Christmas Cheer, holiday preparations that include way more outings to stores and visits at gatherings.  It's a busy and generally happy time of eating too much and probably having way too many sweets.  At the same time it's also the season of weather changes and a variety of "bugs" or germs that await the opportunity to infiltrate your system and spread the wealth of the common cold or flu.

This past week a cold bug invaded our home and systems starting with Cameron and moving through the whole family.  So cold remedies of decongestants, immune system building hot teas.  Our favorite is a combination olive leaf, green tea and vanilla/chamomile blend we put together in a big pot and all enjoy with a bit of honey.  The vaporizers are running to help with those annoying coughs and now after a few days of feeling generally lousy, we all seem to be on the mend!!

So the vitamins are now a mandatory part of our day.  Orange juice is flowing at breakfast for extra C and fluids.  The amount of sugary items is on the "eat in extreme moderation" list.  And we move forward to enjoy the rest of our Christmas and New Years celebration in a hopefully much healthier state than we've experienced this past week!!!

The preps continue as the "BIG DAY" the kids are eagerly anticipating is almost on us.  Checking my list again, and am thrilled to see almost everything has been purchased and we're ready to enjoy.

Hope you have a happy, HEALTHY, Christmas.  God bless and keep you.



  1. Staying physically healthy so far! Trusting for quick healing in your family! Merry Christmas, my friend!

    1. Thanks Guerrina,
      You have a wonderful Christmas as well and do stay healthy!