Monday, December 3, 2012

Sugar Cookies

Cameron decided to bake some sugar cookies today with the girls using a recipe  he found online for "classic sugar cookies". 

He had originally promised Hannah he would spend some time doing extra activities this week because she had been very upset that Kevin would be away on a business trip for 4 days.  He had to go to San Diego for an OSHA training course. We decided it would be best for him to stay there rather than try to commute that long distance each day.  Hannah's very attached to Dad and it was hard for her to accept that he'd be away.  Cameron's a great big brother and laid out activities to keep her busy to help her feel better.  So the baking began with Cameron and Hannah putting the ingredients together, he made sure she read and measured all the ingredients.

Then he rolled out the dough and showed the girls how to use the cookie cutters to make the cookie shapes.

Once these were done they used the sprinkles I had on hand, and decorated them.  Both Hannah and Lauren had fun, but took their baking tasks very seriously. It was funny watching the faces as they all worked to make them turn out just right.

Then once done it was time to sample the goods.

All agreed their efforts were worthwhile.  Not to worry Kevin, we'll save you at least 1.



  1. Last picture = 3 peas in a pod and "Sorry, Dad, there may not be one left no matter what Mom said!" What an awesome big brother!

    1. Cameron said "we can always make more"! Just in case : )
      And he is a great big brother and his sisters just love him.

    2. Hey - there better be at least 1 left for me - hide one if you have too! : )

      Looking forward to coming home tomorrow, been a busy but productive week!

    3. Not to worry we made enough that there are still some. Everyone's really looking forward to your return!