Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Families Christmas in Review

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa fulfilled your "wish list"!!!  We had a great day and were truly blessed by our time together, a day filled with fun, food and family.

Our celebration began Christmas eve with both girls excitedly checking Santa's progress online through Norad's site.

Then as is our tradition they each opened one gift, and a plate for Santa and a reindeer snack was left out.  This year we substituted our homemade pumpkin bread for the usual cookies.

Then headed to bed with both girls eagerly anticipating the big guys visit.

Tree with gifts all set for the next morning.

Christmas morning I could hear our "creatures stirring" and got up so I could get some pictures.  It still took them a half hour to actually get up, so I had Kevin join me with his camera at the ready too.
After getting Cameron up, I went to Hannah's room and she asked "did Santa come"?  She then jumped out of bed when I acknowledged he had.  Next Lauren scooted out of bed and both girls ran out to see what had been left for them.  Lauren squealed with delight when she saw her gifts and stocking filled. She said "yay, Santa took me off the naughty list"!!!!   Needless to say she's been on it a lot lately. We're still working through some behavioral issues with her and changes in schedule or even fun events can trigger negative behaviors on her part, that had her receiving warnings from us and I guess the Disney movie Prep and Landing Naughty and Nice, reaffirmed she might be on it (insert sneaky mommy smile here). So getting gifts and not a lump of coal made her day.

Cameron got a gun of his own for hunting trips, he was quite surprised and pleased

Santa's plate after his visit

After spending the day opening gifts, enjoying them, having our Christmas meal and of course a nice after dinner nap!!  We then headed out late afternoon for Amber and Eddie's to have dessert with them and exchange gifts.

Amber and Eddie

Kids opening gifts

My girls!!

Hannah taking a picture with her new Learning Pad

The guys

It was great visiting and finally with the girls bedtimes looming, we said our goodbyes and headed for home.  It was a wonderful Christmas celebration for what will be our last Christmas in this house.  Next year we will be in our new home in Florida!!

Hope you all had a good day too.  Wishing you the very best each and everyday as we finish out the remainder of 2012.     Lynda


  1. What a wonderful day! Is that a magnifying glass for needlework?!

    1. Good eyes Guerrina, yes it is and has a couple of lights in it to help out as well.