Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Decorating Details For Hannah's Room

When we began to plan the girls rooms we asked for their input on what they wanted as part of their room décor.  Lauren was mostly concerned with having her toys returned that she had seen packed away for our move, but Hannah had some very definite ideas about how she wanted her room decorated.

To begin with, our purple loving princess was adamant about purple walls.  She also wanted a "fabric thing" for her bed.  To better define what she was talking about she pointed to some pictures in magazines and then really liked this one, except in her colors, from a girls room on Pinterest.

So, as we decorated we painted the wall colors the girls had chosen from our trip to Lowes to buy painting supplies . Then once we were able to get the girls settled into their own rooms the process of adding the decorating details began.  While I like the look of the netting too, a couple of issues with it are there for me.  First, whatever I put up I wanted to be able to take down for cleaning to keep down dust and dirt in her room.

Hannah's bed before

Then too, I took issue with the safety of having the gauzy fabric actually where she might get tangled or accidentally bring the thing down on her head.  So in considering our options I came up with this idea.  I would use a shelf my father had made for Amber when she was Hannah's age.  It has irises on each shelf end and is not only useful, but pretty as well. It's painted in a "chippy" white to have a shabby chic look to it.  We mounted this over her bed.

I bought purple tulle curtain panels with silver sparkles on them from Walmart.  I ran a purple ribbon through the top of each panel and pulled them into a loop that I hooked over cup hooks I put under each side of the bottom of the shelf.   Then with a small brad in the center I used a small safety pin with a bow to hook these panels together. If we decide to keep the panels in this style I'll exchange the pin for a snap.

Ribbon with large pin to help pull ribbon through curtain tops.

Ribbon, cup hooks, and beads.

Purple curtain panels

I also purchased some purple beads and strung them together to use as fabric pulls attached to two more cup holders on each side of the bed.

Stringing the beads for tie backs

So our princess has her "fabric thing" in her favorite color with a functional shelf for holding some
of her decorative pieces and I have the piece of mind that this is easily removed for washing and out of the way for safety.  Makes us all happy and adds to the decorative details she really wanted in her space.

Hannah's bed after

Beads to hold fabric


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