Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Simple Things

With all the rain and the humidity it produces the girls have spent more time indoors entertaining themselves.  We made a trip to the library to stock up on more books and videos to add to their options.  Hannah has been completely taken with Nancy Drew Mystery books.  Lucky for her there are hundreds of stories to choose from and the kids section of the library is well stocked.  This makes for many hours of reading time, a favorite past time for her. Lauren enjoys her picture books as she's still learning to read, and to have Hannah read to her.

Another fun activity is kind of a blast from the past for Cameron.  The wood puzzle crafts we used to find at hardware and dollar stores when he was little and he built a whole collection of these, were
at the local Harbor Freight store we stopped at for some supplies the other day.  The girls each chose a favorite dinosaur to build and Cameron acted as helper in putting them together. Think this was just an excuse to build them again : )  .

You start by punching out of the wood your puzzle pieces

Lauren intent on her work

Once all the pieces are out, assembly begins

Laurens finished masterpiece

Hannah's completed dinosaur - the smile says it all.

Both found them as fun to do as Cameron used to and we'll probably find ourselves adding a whole new set of these creations to their room décor!!

Had to make a trip to a new vet for Bea.  An unwelcome critter or critters have made themselves at home on our animals as the temperatures heated up.  Fleas!!! Yuch.  We began an all out war on eliminating them from the dogs, anywhere they might try to take up residence in our home and the yard.  We've had some success, but as the vet said that here in Florida they tend to be far more aggressive and conditions allow them to flourish.  So the topical treatments weren't working and Bea had become raw and her skin infected from all her licking, due in part to the dog shampoo I'd been using to try and help her - great!!

Bea at vet, not happy she whined the whole time : (

Trip home she felt a bit wiped out by the shot meant to help with her itching.

So a vet trip and almost $300 later we have antibiotics, medicine for her itching, medicated shampoo and a years supply of an oral flea and heartworm treatment for she and the other dogs.  We've already seen a difference and are glad to see her feeling better and not driving us crazy with her constant scratching and whining.  Poor Bea.

I've been painting a jewelry armoire I bought at a garage sale and will share that in another post. Cameron and Kevin are still finishing all those details in Cameron's room that make it a truly finished space.  It's looking great, but it does take time and we're still looking for the proper storage pieces to let him finish unpacking.  I've spotted a few garage sales to check out in the next few days. Woohoo, more "treasure hunting"!!!


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