Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jewelry Armoire Project

A couple weeks ago we found a garage sale with some fishing tackle for Kevin and a jewelry armoire that I could use in our bedroom.  The piece was in decent shape with a couple mars on the wood and one corner chipped.  It was a dark wood and seeing that I've been painting all our bedroom pieces white this piece redone would work well.

Jewelry armoire before. Left lower corner has chipped edge and side a few mars on the wood.

Interior storage on top, side panels open and drawers.

I started by cleaning it and giving it a light sanding to remove the sheen, then priming it with a spray on primer.  The hardware proved a challenge because with the padded jewelry backer you couldn't simply remove the hardware for painting without having to take off the padded jewelry liner. That would be more work than it was worth and I worried it might be damaged in the removal process. This required taping and covering the interior with newspaper and masking tape, and  I just got creative with the masking tape and covered the hardware completely.  Then once it was done I had to touch up the white paint that was damaged by the tape and use a brass model paint to touch up where the primer got on the hardware.

Drawer pull taped for painting

The pulls were a bit more challenging with its angle and pull to cover with tape.

With the white finish the flaws on the wood add to the shabby chic finish and I'm pleased with the final results.  It will be a usable piece of furniture as we continue to find pieces for our bedroom.

Armoire finished

So another project down and the treasure hunting continues as we look to get our home and storage needs met. Think it was a pretty good find and bargain for $25 and a little work and paint.



  1. That is such a good find! I've been looking for a good jewelry armoire also, I hope I find one as good as this one!

    1. Thanks Amber, It will be helpful to actually organize and be able to find my jewelry for a change!! : )
      Good luck on your search for your armoire as well.