Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rain and Shine

Rain has become a new norm for us here in Central Florida during it's rainy season.  Now as Southern California transplants this is still a novelty.  We were always short on rain when we lived there and every news station no matter how much precipitation there was always lamented the "drought" we were in.  So here when it rains, then shines, then rains some more and then POURS, it's a change that takes some getting used to.  I think the amazing thing still is the way the sandy soil here simply soaks it all in despite the huge amounts that can come down in such short time periods.

 So just as the soil and other plants and animals native to this area adjust or cope with the regularly changing weather scenario, we are learning to "go with the flow" and prepare for whatever conditions may spring up during the course of the day.  This means dressing for the warmth and humidity, but having an umbrella or rain poncho handy at a moments notice.  Then light sweaters for the sudden temperature drop that can come with some rain showers or the cold you can feel in air conditioned buildings after coming in from the heat of the outside. 

Two weeks ago we decided to take the kids to the Hollywood Studios park at Disney and though we knew it was due to rain and were prepared (so we thought).  We were not ready for the deluge we experienced and though we enjoyed our time, we were so soaked that leaving early was a must. Part of the beauty of having an annual pass is not worrying about events like this disrupting your plans!

As we all took shelter on a very rainy Disney street scene, Kevin opted to go out and with his shoes and socks already soaked do his best Gene Kelly impersonation of "Singing in the Rain"  : )

With all of us completely soaked we caught the tram to our vehicle and headed home

Heavy rain made driving tricky

The next day while visiting with Pat and Jennifer for a BBQ and swim the kids were getting ready for a swim when the clouds rolled in and the skies opened up and poured.  It was a warm rain and since the lightening and thunder wasn't present they decided they were getting wet anyway and went in.

You can see how much it's raining outside and in the screened area, but the temperature was warm and they had fun.

Then several evenings after the rain has cleared or between showers, Kevin, Patrick and Cameron have taken off to explore places to fish.  Though the results haven't been anything to fry up let alone brag about, they've enjoyed their time out and will eventually find places that will produce something more than throw back ones they've had so far. (Smile)

Gator waiting for freebies

Lake Monroe and gator in the middle

Pier they found to fish off of

A sample of the rewards for their efforts. 

The girls have been creative by getting dad to set up a pup tent we have inside Hannah's room to play in and Hannah to sleep in the past few nights.

We've headed to the air conditioned movie theatre to enjoy a family outing and see the new Monster's University movie.  Really enjoyed this as well as the nice theatre complex that's near our home.

Yesterday with Pat and Jen's niece Justine in town for a visit we headed back to Disney for a short (VERY crowded), but fun visit at the Animal Kingdom.  Again sun and rain were part of the mix. This time though the umbrella's alone managed to do the trick.

Justine, Jennifer and Patrick

So as we get used to our new environment we are still out and about exploring and enjoying whether we have rain or shine, or as so many of these days provide BOTH!!!

Off to have another good one - hope you do too.

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