Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New "Toys"

When we bought our home here in Florida a year ago we were still living in Southern California.  So to take care of the lawn and pool until we could arrive and live in this home we hired services for both.

Our contracts are coming to an end for these services and since we now live here we will be taking over the duties ourselves.  Our property is a 5 acre parcel, but much of it is the island in the lake behind us, the lake area between the island and our "dry" land on which our house sits and then a mini forested area and finally our yard.  So of the 5 acres, 2 are actually really usable and the lawn area is a little over an acre of this that needs maintenance.  So Kevin has been doing his research in anticipation of our taking over these duties for the equipment we'll need.  We determined a riding mower would be the most efficient way to take care of the large stretch of grass, especially seeing how fast it grows in these warm, rainy times we are currently experiencing.  We already had weed eaters for doing edges and tall grass areas that are on the perimeter of the lawn, so we also needed a push mower for the smaller lawn areas in the fenced dog yard and side yards.

We headed out last week to take advantage of holiday sales for the 4th of July and made our purchases.  With that said here are our new "toys" and the use we've already begun putting them to.

Mowing along the street and front of our property.

The service we used for our lawn did a fair job of maintaining the lawn, but they let the perimeter area between grass and trees get really overgrown.  So we will be working to take back territory and thin the trees in the process so we can begin to prepare for our gardens and chicken area.  Will be looking into a local 4-H program to get the girls involved with as we prepare for chickens again.
Found a group that begins meeting at the end of August until May just a few miles from our home, so we will be there when they begin their new season.

Kevin cutting some of the perimeter overgrowth between the maintained lawn and tree line
And of course I have to have my new "toy?".  : )

Part of my new exercise routine.

The guys have made a lot of progress on Cameron's bathroom.  Will share that in tomorrow's post. For now am off to get the dogs groomed and do more on the yard.  Have a great day!!


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