Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cameron's Bathroom Almost Complete

After much planning and effort the guys have completed a working bathroom for Cameron in his shed conversion bedroom.  They hooked up the water and sewer connections and then began installing his vanity and sink as well as the toilet.

Installing the water lines and sewer pipes.

Next was the shower install.  That proved a bit trickier as they found the enclosed installation instructions that came with it totally useless. So after much thought about how it actually needed to go in they were able to install his shower and everything works beautifully!!

Once the back panels were up the front glass ones are going in.

Then door is set in place.

Kevin installing the shower head.

Shower completed

Still to go up will be a cabinet with towel bar over the toilet and a linen closet next to the shower, plus the mirror over his sink and his bathroom will be finished. 

Cameron's loving his space and the freedom he feels by having a pseudo apartment style space while having the convenience of still living at home.

The last few things that need to complete the whole room are the trims, some shelving and then getting him completely moved in with all his stuff unpacked.  Will show before and afters's once this is complete.


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