Monday, September 10, 2012

Yard Sale

In the process of cleaning up and clearing out that we are continuing from our initial New Years resolutions, we have taken on the task of preparing for a yard sale.  This has become a much bigger project than when we first tossed out the idea.

As I began looking through our rooms, garage, shed and generally around the property I was excited about all we could put out and perhaps give a new life to in someone elses home.  Then as we actually began moving and cleaning this became a HUGE effort. We decided to move everything out of the front sunroom and set up a "display" area for the items that might get damaged or blow away outside. 

Our items outside are still being set up as we've had to group them together under tarps right now since the weather is threatening to rain from this "tropical depression" we are experiencing.

Amber came over two mornings last week to help me pull out and set up some of these things. She said my front room "looks like a thrift store".  Great just the look I want : )   It is temporary and will
be a great help for clearing out many items that we don't use any more and don't need to keep storing.

Sun room and temporary "store".

I've made arrangements for an ad in the local Pennysaver, and am preparing my notice on Craigs list garage sale site.  Cameron and I will be making signs this afternoon, and this week we will continue to pull out stuff, clean it up and set up for this next weekend when we plan this shindig.

Anything that doesn't sell will be donated, so one way or the other we will be reducing the sheer volume of stuff that has just been taking up space.

There  is still a lot to do before this weekend, so once again we will have a busy week, but I know our efforts will be really worth it to continue  this process of  really cleaning up and clearing out!!!


  1. Once a year we have a yard sale too. Every year I think I get rid of things and there is an equal amount to get rid of the next year. I dont know where all the junk comes from.

    1. I know, it is amazing how much you can accumulate in no time at all!! As I'm cleaning stuff out I keep coming across things I just wonder what in the world was I thinking when I decided to keep it in the first place!!

  2. Hi Lynda, I hope you have a great yard sale and make lots of dollars!!! I know they are a lot of work to get ready for and set up and there are times I would rather have a root canal then prepare for a sale, but they do help us unload don't they? Until I go out treasure hunting again and bring it all back. LOL

    Love your pics, wish I could shop your sale!!
    Thank you for stopping by. Triple Thick comes in a jar 4 oz. or 8 oz. sizes. Takes a bit of practice but looks amazing.

    Have a great week. Celestina Marie xo

    1. Thanks for the info, looks like a really useful product.
      This yard sale is way more work than I anticipated especially because it is just so hot! I'm hoping for real success too. It does feel good to clear things out and I'm promising myself not to reload on stuff. Famous last words? : )