Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good Day

There's the old adage "there's light at the end of the tunnel".  That's how we feel after all the work to prepare for todays yard sale. It was a good day and was nice to see our efforts pay off, plus we have the ability to move out the items that remain on Craigslist, and others we'll take to donate.

We started really early getting our signs out to lead to our property since we are located off the beaten path.  We were not overwhelmed with a large number of buyers, but those who did show up were really looking and buying we are glad to say, so we moved a lot of what we had set out onto new homes.  We made a decent return for our efforts, and some of the tools that didn't sell, Kevin has listed on Craigslist.  We still have two people who will be returning on Monday for their purchases that were too large for their vehicles and they want to look around at whatever was left.  So our cleaning up and clearing out continues.

Shade canopy up to help with afternoon sun. So glad it was 105 out yesterday!

Almost all items in this photo sold at the beginning of the day.

Amber came over to help this morning and Hannah and Lauren did a good job of keeping themselves busy playing so we could concentrate on taking care of business.  I had planned to get some more photos, but got so caught up in our activities that I simply forgot.

Think we all will sleep well tonight after today's busyness.

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