Monday, September 24, 2012

Fire Near Amber and Eddie

Amber texted us last night to ask if we knew exactly where the fire near them was.  They were getting a lot of smoke and then had helicopters pulling water to drop from the warm springs pond next to the home they are living in.

Information of the exact location of the fire was initially scarce, but we learned more today from a local source and even national news that the fire was in a rural area very near where they live.  The brush is dense so it puts up some pretty intense smoke and flames.  So far just over 150 acres has burned and the fire is currently about 40% contained.  Barring the winds really picking up we are hopeful they should get this completely contained fairly quickly today.  The intense heat and lack of rain has made everything tender dry and plants that are native to this area tend to have naturally occurring oils they produce to survive the elements of Southern California, which is a desert environment.  So when these plants burn it's intense, they can explode and send the sparks in all directions sparking new fires, plus even when out they will smoulder for weeks leaving the threat of future fires that crews will have to watch for until we finally get rainy weather.

I've accessed some photos from the local source where various residents have contributed their pictures from their vantage points, including Amber's photos of the water dropping helicopter that refilled by them and had lots of neighbors standing in their yard to watch the process. 

Fire getting close to a home

Water dropping helicopter to the rescue

Successful drop

More homes threatened on another front of this large fire

Phoscheck being dropped by plane suppresses fires advancement

Amber took these photos of helicopter refilling at the pond next to their home

The helicopter and planes that offer air support for water and chemical phoschek drops are a true blessing for putting out fires in rural areas or fast moving large fires.  Have personally been on the recieving end on several occassions during my many years in California when our various homes have been spared as a result of these efforts from fire fighting agencies.  The sense of relief when your home is immently threatened and a helicopter or plane drops and suppresses or puts the threat out is wonderful!!

(photo credits by others found at Murrieta patch site)


  1. Hi Lynda, Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine the fear that goes through the mind at such a scary time. Fires like this are awful and I pray for everything to get back to normal and everyone safe. Your pics are amazing but horrible at the same time.
    God Bless,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

    1. Thanks Celestina, they've made real progress today.
      It is really frightening when such an out of control force is coming at you and you watch it create it's own fire tornados as it does.
      Your prayers are really appreciated.