Sunday, September 23, 2012

Side Business

Kevin has had a consulting business he's operated for several years now.   His company called
KPC Environmental, Inc does air quality analysis, initial studies, noise studies among the services
that are offered.  These are for individual land owners, companies, cities and counties that want to do projects that will require these studies to be presented and approved by city councils and building departments before they are able to move forward. 

His company recently received a contract to do a full noise study that requires 24 hour data collection to determine the types and extent of noise the facility planned could expect to encounter on this particular piece of property.

Cameron was very excited when this came through because he is Kevin's assistant in these field studies and can look forward to compensation as such. So they went to the site to take readings with hand held units at various spots on this lot, then determined the best location to set up the tripod and meter that would remain to record the data for the next 24 hours.

Cameron taking sound readings

Meters location needs to capture human noise

Traffic noise also needs to be monitored

The unit remained there the full 24 hours, then needed to be collected the next morning and the process of data review for a full report done.  I had Kevin take my camera to get a few photos for me of them at work.  It was quite hot again even at 9 in the morning when they began the process then returned the next day to collect the equipment.  Fortunately all went well and now the data review and study will be put together. It's a handy unit that has a small computer to collect the information received through the attached microphone.  Then the information is downloaded to computer for  processing.

Info input begins, Cameron does his report then emails Kevin the results

Cooling off once home was also needed : )

Kevin begins his own analysis



  1. Interesting I have never heard something like this before. Specially noise collection for a property. I dont think we even have service like this in this country. Really interesting.

    1. It can be helpful to communities to offset negative impacts on existing residents, and to help communities meet their overall plan guidelines. Allows those who approve new buildings or services to make informed decisions.