Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chicken Snacks and Revenge

I know wierd title, but read on and you'll see what I'm talking about.  With the heat I haven't spent as much time tending my garden, just running out to get some water on it and picking the items I could see were ripe.

I initially thought the lack of tomatos lately was due to the extreme heat as well.  Until today when I ventured into the garden and noticed the tops of the plants were completely defoliated!!  Only one culprit I know does that kind of damage, so the inspection began.  It took several soakings with water until I began to notice some strange movement on a few branches and there they were - the disgusting tomato horns worms!!

Took them off branch and all.

Leaves are completely gone on the tops of my tomato plants

This poor plant looked positively naked, these stems should be full and green with leaves

I dislodged about 7 that I could find, and each one I took revenge on by delighting my chickens with these treats. It is amazing how much damage these things can do in such a short time.  I'll be back out earlier in the morning to inspect from now on so I don't let them return and get this bad.  Then maybe my tomatos will start producing again in the amounts they should be.

Chicken treats - they loved them

Horm worm about to meet it's end!!
Maybe the extra protein will help my poor birds get their feathers back sooner. Rooster still remains in isolation for this reason : )


  1. I've only had one out here and I had no idea what it was! Creepy little buggers!

    1. They are!! They look like something from those old 50's space alien movies!! They're mean little things too that's why I took them off on the branches and let the chickens deal with them : )