Thursday, September 13, 2012

Memories and Things

As preparation for this weekends yard sale continues I found a lot of memories in some of the items we are putting out.  I had been putting price tags on these and was struck by the amount of time we'd had some of them, what their original purposes had been and the pleasure we'd had in the use of them for the time they were with us.

Then there are also a lot of things that we picked up along the way used temporarily or some not at all, just had them with the intent that we were going to do something with them.  I've actually found as I get these together a certain feeling of being lighter as we clear out stuff that has just been sitting around or sadly collecting dust.

There's the teak cabinet Kevin and I bought as part of a collection of teak furniture for our first home that was a townhouse in San Diego. The old Smith and Corona typewriter I wrote many school reports on. Kevin's old golf clubs and bag he's had since High School. An old excercise trampoline that I'd used for awhile until I got my eliptical.

My old typewriter.

Teak Cabinet from first home.

Then the airplane shelf my dad made for Cameron that was originally painted in primary colors, and later lightened up and used when Hannah first arrived.  The box of army men that entertained Cameron for hours over the years.

Items used for Amber and Eddies wedding last year, that served to help make their day special and decorative and now lives in memories and on the pages of their photo albums.

Craft items like the spice shelf I picked up at a thrift store that was a dark wood and that I painted and used for a time in our old kitchen, then in Amber's room as the color matched her color choices.  Some scarves left from my days of hand painting silk and doing art shows with my wares. And a light fixture from our old house I'd always intended to do something with, but never got around to it. It's time for a new life for all of these.



  1. lol...too bad I'm over here! I'd be by to snatch up a couple of those things! One man's trash, another man's treasure, ya' know!

    1. I know the trash to treasure motto, it's how I wound up with a lot of stuff. I used to drag the kids to thrift shops and garage sales and tell them we're "treasure hunting". I did fix up and use most of the stuff, now it's just time to thin out my "treasures" : )

  2. There are times I have put things out for selling and taken them back in before anyone bought it because I feel so sentimental about it.

    1. I can relate!! : ) I've done that with several items as we've prepared for this.