Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Science Time

Cameron has been a big help with school work and one area he's especially creative in is
helping Hannah with her science.  As they move through her school book he's online
looking up resources to make the lessons really come alive for her.

Then when it comes to doing experiments that are listed in the book he's a great help since
this is something he enjoys himself.  His help let's me spend more time with Hannah
on other subjects and with Lauren as she makes progress with phonics and math.

Tuesday it was building a compass, that they also included in Hannah's geography lesson as
she created a compass rose and legend for the community map she needed for her assignment.

Our little scientist

Magnetize paperclip, and put it through piece of foam.   Test with real compass.

Then today her science lesson was basic power sources, so their experiment was building a
battery using pennies, washers, lemon juice and hooking it up to the miniature fan to test.


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