Friday, September 21, 2012

Craigslist Adventure

Okay we may be way behind the times, but this past yard sale was our first time using Craigslist.
I set up my account and posted my yard sale info.  I learned how to write my ad so it would show up in various searches.  That actually took me trying to find my own ad to get this revelation!!

I liked that it was free and I could post up to 8 photos.  Truthfully we had more people who said they saw us there than in the local Pennysaver that I paid for an ad in!!   So lesson learned.

Now we are venturing into this arena as we look to sell off larger items that didn't move at the yard sale or that we haven't put out for sale yet, particularly furniture items and later our tractor.

Items listed in our 1st ad and most sold at yard sale

Tractor to be listed later

This is a whole new world so I've been doing some online research for tips.  We've used the craigslist email link so you don't have to give out your email, and Kevin signed up for the Google phone.

This way you can have a link from your site post to your cell phone without others having your number and this has the ability to be blocked if you get a wierdo.  Lifehacker has an article about blocking unwanted calls. (Google and Lifehacker links don't show as well with my background color,
but you can click on those words for site links).

We've already dealt with the annoying "no shows".  People who excitedly contact you and want to get over ASAP to check out the item, only to have them not show up.  Why bother contacting us in the first place is what I can't figure out?  So we'll see how we do and give updates.  This is a new adventure for us and if we learn anything we'll pass it on.  Any tips from knowledgeable Craigslist oldtimers out there?     To be continued....


  1. Not sure what this list thing is. Interesting.

    1. It's a online classified ad site for everything from garage sales, roomates, art, furniture, services, job hunting and even house sales. Kind of like Ebay, but done on a more specified local scale and doesn't have all the feedback systems Ebay has.

  2. We haven't ever used it. Hope you have good results. :)

    1. This is our first venture into this world and so far there are more flakes than real buyers!! Not impressed at all. Did much better just with the yard sale advertisement. So we'll see.