Friday, January 31, 2014

St. Augustine Visit

Yesterday, after the girls finished their school work we headed over to St. Augustine located about an hour North of us to visit this city originally established in 1565 by the Spanish.  Here is a brief history:

We arrived and after a stop at the Visitor's center, we decided to start our tour of the city at the old fort known as the Castillo de San Marcos.  It was a very blustery day and thankfully we thin blooded Floridians brought layers to wear as we toured. I'll just post pictures of the fort today as I have a lot that I took.

Fort Interior Courtyard

Inside Rooms - small cannon, Kevin by English bunks that slept 4 men (center),  close up of  coquina stone.

Had to duck down to enter the gun powder storage room in a corner area of the fort.

Girls up on top of fort in one of the 4 bastions.  Oven used to heat cannon balls before firing "hot shots".
Views of the fort walls

Corner bastion overlooking bay

Kevin with kids up top of fort - BRRRR!
Bastion known as the St. Augustine

Views from the bastions turrets
Views of moat surrounding fort.  Filled at high tide or by sea gate if under attack.
View towards remnants of old city gate

Moat and looking towards part of the village

We will definitely have to return to St. Augustine because there are just too many sites to cover in a single day, particularly since we started out so late in the day.  We had our reasons though since this was the last night of their Nights of Lights Festival that they hold throughout the holiday season and to the end of January.  I'll add those pictures along with the town shopping district with my next post.


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