Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Gotcha Day" Anniversary

It seems hard to believe, but 3 years ago today we were in Shanghai, China to meet Lauren for the first time. She made her appearance in her new outfit and bright pink coat with the interesting sprout of hair sticking out of the top of her head, as this very tiny 6 year old boldly entered the room to meet her new family.

The Children's Home officials who were with her were all very sweet, and after guiding her around to her new family, let her present us with the photo album made for her to remember her earlier years with the pictures of her at the orphanage and photos from earlier stages of her life.  We were thrilled to have these.

She had to have been nervous, but she grinned from ear to ear.

Meeting  me, mom for the first time

Showing off her picture book

She was anxious to speak with Hannah, but seemed surprised that though she babbled away at her, Hannah couldn't understand or respond to her.

Leaving to return to our hotel

Hannah showing her how to use her leapster

So, the girls and the rest of us would have to get to know her through actions and play, and using Google Translate, until we could establish her English skills in time.  This would be a bit more challenging for Lauren than it had been for Hannah who was only 20 months old when we were in China for her 8 years ago for her "gotcha day".

Her first meal with us and what better to introduce her to than McDonald's ?!!!
Meeting her big sister Amber, along with Eddie on Skype.
Dad and his girls

The night time view of Shanghai from our hotel room
Lauren ready for bed in her "happy goat" pj's, also a gift from the children's home.

The following day would be our time for official paperwork signing, then she would legally be a member of her new forever family.

The next morning, preparing to go to the Civil Affair's office to complete our paperwork.

It's official.

She's now a Carr!!

As I see her today, and watch the interaction with the girls, it never ceases to amaze me at the incredible adventure God set us on in the creation of this international family of ours. We have been truly blessed.


  1. Happy New Year. What a lovely thing u guys have done. So nice.

    1. Thanks Paps, Happy New Year to you and your family too!!