Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sanford Zoo

Today we took a "field trip" to the local zoo to see it for our first time along with family visiting here from out of State.  Patrick and Jennifer are back in town, escaping the extreme cold up North and Kevin's sister Karen and her husband Allen are down from Pennsylvania staying with Pat and Jen.  We took advantage of the break in the rain to enjoy a beautiful day walking around this small, but really nice zoo.

Our group in front of a bird cage

The zoo started back in 1923 with 30 donated animals and eventually grew to today's over 400 animals on 123 acres of nicely landscaped park like settings and botanical gardens.

The girls enjoyed feeding animals in the petting zoo area:

Boer goat

Lauren feeding a pygmy goat

The Zebo eating the snacks with it's long tongue off the top of the fence
Hannah thought the Zebo's tongue tickled


Bourbon Turkey

The snake house in the herpetarium  had an interesting collection of snakes, lizards, salamanders and frogs.

Girl's in front of snake displays

Albino rattlesnake
Egyptian Cobra

Green Mamba's
This wasn't a part of "official" displays, but this weird pile of bugs was on top of a sign post and a line of local lizards were enjoying this free meal.
Then the various big cats:


The otter display was fun to stand and watch these playful animals.

Finally the girls got a chance to try the camel ride and both giggled their way through it  and agreed "that was great!!!!".

FUN Day!!  Hope yours was too.


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! When you have the opportunity take your girls to Blue Spring State Park in Deland to see the Manatees. Homosassa Springs State Park is also great - Manatees in the winter and other native wildlife year round.

    1. Thanks Susan,
      We've been to Blue Springs, but not Homosassa Springs - will have to try that. The girls loved seeing the Manatees. Thanks for the suggestions.