Monday, February 3, 2014

St. Augustine Part Two

This is the follow up to my previous post about our visit to St. Augustine.  It's the part of our trip outside the old fort and around the portion of the town that's closest to the fort.  St. Augustine has many different sections established throughout it's long history and their design style has been influenced by people groups in power and this is reflected in the architecture that can be seen there.  We only had time to visit the fort and the area of shops that fills the oldest section of this city. Though the buildings aren't original since fire wiped out the those structures long ago, there are many older buildings or replicas built to mirror the flavor of the old city.  The streets are a mix of cobblestone, brick, and cement with the streets being close the way they were when cars were not the mode of transportation.  On this visit with the cold and rain many shops were already shuttered and as the pictures show, people were few in number.

Our tour began at the visitor center, with the old grave yard and this stone sphere next to it.

A few scenes of the shops we saw

Old anchor next to school house

The oldest wood school house in the U.S.

Old water wheel

I have some pictures of the Nights of Lights celebration that had a lot more participation and decorative lights during the months of December and early January when the holidays were in full effect, but there were still some places that had their lights up that we were able to enjoy prior to leaving this city.

A few shots of the lights that were still up

As I stated in my last post, this is definitely a place we want to return to again.  We'll just plan on a day when the weather is a bit more conducive to really enjoying all St. Augustine has to offer.


  1. This place looks so nice. The Christmas lights are so pretty. What I really like is the wood school.

  2. Thanks Paps, I liked the old school too, and I'd like to tour it when we return on another day. It wasn't open on this day that we were there.