Thursday, January 23, 2014

Excuse My Whining

ARRGH!!!  My ears are SO plugged!!

As the title states I am asking for your pardon prior to the self centered rant I'm going to engage in, in this post.  I am SO TIRED of feeling tired, having my ears blocked, my throat feels and sounds like sand paper is attached to it, my nose is raw from running and I feel like I need a nap constantly.  YUCH!!!!!

I can relate to this picture

Still, I am on the mend - my fever is gone, the aches along with it.  My sinuses are clearing so I can breathe and the front of my head doesn't feel like it's going to explode.  That's progress.  I have been trying not to spread this thing throughout my family, but Kevin seems to be coming down with it, so I've encouraged him to sleep and let his body fight this off.

Our goal

The up side, if you can call it that, is a true appreciation for what it means to be healthy.  I have a prayer list for people who are REALLY sick that I pray for regularly.  In truth I don't know how they deal with long term, serious issues that literally challenge their ability to survive.  It makes my temporary troubles seem so trivial by comparison and this down time has not only reminded me to pray for them all the more, but has given me extra time to do exactly this.

So, as we work on getting healthy and staying healthy here, I hope you and yours are well.  Thanks for indulging the rant, I promise to return to more interesting blogging subjects with my future posts!

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