Friday, January 17, 2014

Under the Weather

Our weather forecast has been acting like a roller coaster up in the 70 and 80's one day only to have a freeze warning the next because an "arctic front" from up North is moving through and the temperature drops down into the lower 30's or even upper 20's overnight!!!  We've had to cover tender plants and put the ones I haven't yet planted on the front patio and cover them with a tarp to keep from losing them to the frost.

I guess all these changes combined with being exposed to germs finally took there tole on my immune system and I've been fighting a cold and sinus infection this week.  I go from feeling okay to being cold and achy with my head and ears congested and quite painful.  Kevin has been great stepping in to take over many of my activities so I could get a lot of rest and it's really been helpful.  I have my cold fighting toolbox handy with tissues, decongestant, zinc lozenges, vitamins, honey and lemon tea and my heating pad to help soothe the aches I keep getting from this.  All set and anxiously anticipating this will pass quickly!!!!

Had a touch of excitement yesterday as the girls were finishing their school work and I was printing out chemistry worksheets for Hannah's science lesson's. Cameron was in the living room talking to me and Kevin was outside working on the pool pump when we all heard a bang out front. Kevin thought someone had lost something off a vehicle and went running to the front to see, while Cameron and I headed out to see what the noise was.  We saw a woman in a van turn and stop in front of our home, then get out and run towards Kevin and a vehicle that had run into a power line.  Kevin yelled he needed a blanket and to call 911.  She had a couple small blankets in her van and I grabbed my phone and called emergency services as I walked towards the accident scene.  From what we  can tell this gentleman had a medical condition that caused him to pass out and lose control of his vehicle. When Kevin got to him his foot was still pressed down on the gas and he was having a seizure.  Not able to move his leg off the accelerator at first he put the car in park and undid the mans seat belt to allow him to breathe easier as he was having a hard time.  He covered him with the blankets and I passed the information on to the dispatcher as we waited for emergency crews to arrive.
We also let them know they'd need to contact the utility company because the power pole had been badly damaged and would fall if this car was moved.

It seemed like it took a long time for the fire department to arrive, but it's probably because we were just anxious to see help come.  When they got there they loaded him up and took off for the hospital, then the utility companies arrived and began to assess the damage.  Our power, Internet and obviously cable too, were out for about 5 hours as they worked to replace the pole that had a small transformer, light standard, phone service lines and cable/Internet service boxes all attached.  They'll have to finish it today with the cable and phone service companies completing their part in replacing their boxes on the new post installed, then they can remove the old one completely.  Think I will definitely contact the energy company today to express appreciation for all this crew managed to get done in a relatively short period of time.  With the power out Kevin and Cameron got us take out for dinner so we made the best of this minor inconvenience.
Hoping the man will be alright, just a real reminder of how quickly life can take a challenging turn as we saw with him.

There's a lot to be said for the mundane routines of everyday that you appreciate all he more when they are thrown off, so here's to life being normal and healthy again!!!


  1. Hope you feel better now and gosh I guess he shouldnt be driving again.

  2. Thanks Paps appreciate your good wishes. We haven't heard anything further on this gentleman, but if he has a condition that causes this I'd agree. It was truly fortunate that he wasn't hurt worse or that anyone else wasn't injured by his inability to control his actions at the time of his accident!