Friday, January 10, 2014

Sporting New Glasses

Hannah had complained of headaches for a few weeks now, but with all of us experiencing sinus issues and stuffy heads with the wild temperature and weather changes lately, I had been treating her for these.

Then when she began complaining that things were blurry and she was constantly pulling books close to her face, sitting closer to her computer and moving closer to the TV, we decided we needed to get her in to have her eyes checked.  So last week she had her eye appointment and I was shocked at how much the doctor had to increase the strength of her glasses in order for her to see clearly!!!  Ugh, guilt hit me knowing what a strain she had on her eyes and these headaches were all a result of this.

In addition to needing stronger lenses to see around her and at a distance, she also needed a change in prescription to be able to read.  This meant bifocals.  In order to prevent her having to have a line across her glasses we got her progressives so she can simply look down and read easily with the change in the lens.

When the new glasses were placed on her face her reaction was a lot like this:

Everything was clearer, brighter and bigger - amazing!!

She got a huge grin and was looking all around amazed at how clear things were.  So, here at Hannah's request are her before picture with her old glasses  and the new photos of her in her new PURPLE glasses
Old frames
She was thrilled that the metal frames had a slight purple hew to them and a flower pattern on the side.  What more could my purple loving girl want?

Ta da, newbies!!

Note the purple tinge to the metal and little flowers she's so proud of.

Now, with a brighter and clearer view of the world, she dove into her school work, played and watched a movie regularly reporting to us how much better it was to see clearly.

Hope your outlook is as bright as you move through your day!!


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