Monday, April 1, 2013

Working Outside

Yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather to get some work done outside the house.  I got the first coats of paint on the front door done to change from the ugly hunter green and lighten it up.  For now I am going with white to lighten things up.  It seems to be my current color scheme as I try to make things seem lighter and cleaner in our new environment.  Once we settle on our color schemes I will probably change colors, but for now it's working to help us settle in and make the house our own.

Door before - with green paint.

After primer and base coat of white.  Still needs a good finishing coat or two.

While I painted the door, Cameron trimmed some trees in the front yard.

Cameron getting the equipment ready.  Didn't want to use our electric cutter for some reason.

Cutting some of the MANY branches that need trimming in the front.

Kevin cleaned, painted and continued to organize the garage so we can try to find things.

Kevin making progress cleaning and organizing

Stuff up and out of the way makes it easier to find when we have a place or need for it.

The girls occupied themselves playing in the front yard as we worked.

We enjoyed Easter dinner at Grandma and Poppi's yesterday and then last night Kevin went to the
airport to pick up Jennifer and her father.  Patrick is on the road from Pennsylvania to Florida for some time down here.  We're really looking forward to the chance to spend more time with them. Steve, Janice and their boys are back home now.  It's been really nice having this time together to visit.  It was 6 years ago the last time we visited.

Tomorrow will be a big day for Miss Hannah, she turns 9 and we'll be celebrating with a BBQ and party over at Patrick and Jennifer's place.  Will post tomorrow evening.  Until then so long.


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