Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beach Day for the Girls

New Smyrna Beach

Today the crew came back to work on our sunroom so while we needed to be here while they were here to work Aunt Jennifer and Grandma took the girls and Cameron for a day at the beach.  This was Lauren's very first time at the ocean and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Aunt Jennifer putting sunscreen on them in preparation for their day on the beach

She and Hannah went on and on about playing in the sand, jumping the waves, how salty the water was, the challenges of building a sandcastle when the waves would come in and wash them away and on and on they went about their adventure.

Filling buckets with sand and using them to build their first sand structures


Their castle that they kept saying "it's hard to build with sand and then the water washes it away".  Aww life's lessons : )

It was a fun day out for them while we busily worked at home with Patrick coming over to help paint the sides of the house and I worked painting the kitchen.  In the meantime the crew returned to work on the sunroom and made a lot of progress, but didn't finish it so they are scheduled to return tomorrow to complete it.

I'll post all the pictures of  the sunroom once it's finished,  in the meantime I have the pictures Cameron took for me today of their time at the beach.

Playpark at the beach.  Hannah trying to get the spring to move with Aunt Jennifer looking on.

 First time on a seesaw for both girls as Grandma gives instructions.  They LOVED this!


  1. Lynda! I love that your girls got to visit the beach, its so nice to be near the water for awhile. Thanks for the comment on my garden, what are you thinking of planting in your own yard? can't wait to see all the painting!



    1. Hi Nico,
      The girls did love the beach and I'm so glad for an aunt and Grandma who enjoy going there as I like strolls on the beach, but am not fond of spending time there myself : (
      Will definately have the basics for eating, tomatoes, beans, strawberries, lettuce, herbs etc. As I can expand I'll try alot more extras I just need to get familiar with planting in sand, as that's the "soil" here. It's new to me so I might start with more container gardening since I'm getting a later start too. Enjoyed your post, thanks for stopping by and the sweet comments you leave. Hugs - Lynda