Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some Down Time in the Midst of Projects

We have been going gangbusters in trying to make this house our home.  I've detailed our cleaning, unpacking and painting.  Friday I picked up a few plants to start some outside landscaping and we had arranged to have the septic pumped.  The company showed up and located the tank for us and thankfully we got good news that it was in great shape!!  Can't say how much of a relief that was since so many other things have required fixing or replacing.

We finally have some furniture to sit on in our living room now that the new couch and lounge chair were delivered.  Haven't finished organizing and decorating, but the improvement from the mountain of boxes with little room to move is tremendous!!!

New couch and chair

View from other side of living room, still have unpacking and decorating, but we're getting there.

Kitchen table up and functional

As we were painting outside the other day some neighbors across the street showed up to introduce themselves.  I have been a mess with the two sets of neighbors we have met, but each time they were understanding and gracious.  Didn't have my camera to get a picture of Blanca and her daughter Liza, but I did take a photo of the housewarming gift they gave us.  They have chickens and brought us this cute basket of fresh eggs.  They were thrilled to see we had little girls and invited us to come and visit and they'd show the girls the chickens and the lambs they raise.  Both Hannah and Lauren liked that.

Our house warming gift

On Saturday we all kind of hit a wall.  Our busyness had us all needing a break, so we decided to load everyone in the car and go to a park that's along the miles of bike trails in this area.  It's only a few blocks from our house and is named for the color of the spring and pond there.  The pond itself is deceptively deep at 76 feet.  It's fed by underground springs that keep the temperature warm all year. There's a nice set of hiking trails around the water that attaches to the bike trail.  We began walking and just kept going until we finally made a LARGE loop, around the park and back from the road up to the parking lot where we started.  Kevin calculated our walk at a mile and a half.  Needless to say the girls slept very well that night. 

Greensprings Pond and this great palm tree growing up through the oak

Some of the dense and pretty foliage along the trail

This palm has actually had the tree grow wrapping around the whole trunk!

Hannah walking along the trail turned and said "wow this is like a nature hike" : )

Joining up with part of the bike trail

Quick break to pose

Bridge and path along bike trail

As we got back to the main road I loved all the Spanish Moss not only on the trees, but power lines too.

One of many squirrels on the path

Path by main road

Lake Monroe across the street

Back to our truck and starting point.  Nice hike!!!

It was a time out we really needed and a great opportunity to check out a beautiful spot right near us.  Once we're settled and all have bicycles it will be a great place to ride.  There's also a large kids play park area we'll go back to for the girls.

This is a big week for us with the back sunroom due to be completed Tuesday and the Shed to be delivered on Friday.  I'll be making some time to get some planting done so we can get some color in our landscaping soon.  Now that we have our table set up and living room furniture we've been able to extend the invitation for a dinner at our home with Kevin's mom and stepfather. 


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