Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunroom Complete, Time to Celebrate

On Tuesday the guys we had converting the screened porch to a sunroom came to work on it.  They got the windows and doors in along with all the insulation.  Then on Wednesday returned to finish the wall panels and put the dog door in. 

Screened porch before

Screened porch before, view from pool area
Sunroom support frames going up
Our Sunroom on a truck

Windows going in

More Windows in

Complete - view from side door towards pool area window and door

Sunroom complete - after picture from side of house near Hannah's room

Sunroom complete - back of house view

Kevin putting fan up

Cameron getting fan blades together

Fans up, just need lights added - time to celebrate!!

Once they were done Kevin and Cameron put the fans up and our sunroom was done and ready for use.  The transformation is amazing and makes this space so much more usable.

As promised once the room was complete and the dogs could have a space to be indoors as well as have access to go out we celebrated by taking the kids to Disney World.  We started at downtown Disney where we walked around then went to guest services and bought our annual passes.  There was an annual flower show taking place at Epcot, so we spent the day walking around and looking at the attractions, beautiful flowers and topiaries and riding a few rides.

Girls at our arrival at Downtown Disney

Our whole crew in Epcot - First topiaries behind us

Epcot Ball

Festival sign and some of the flowers

Butterfly house

Tinkerbell topiary

Some of the butterflies in the building we had flying around us

Panda topiaries in China area of Epcot


Sales clerk showing her skills with the juggling sticks

Her demonstrating these for Lauren
Lauren's attempt to work these. It's a challenge!

Working with Hannah

Chinese dragon topiary

We visited all the countries represented around the park looking at the beautiful flower displays and topiaries, and later looking for a food place that was air conditioned and didn't have a horrible waiting list.  Seems everyone else had the same idea so while we enjoyed the flowers we weren't successful in our search for a cool (meaning air conditioned ) place to eat.


Lady and the Tramp topiary - just beautiful

Kevin in "Germany"

Me (Lynda) by my favorite character topiary - Grumpy

Part of our crew passing into "France"

Beauty and the Beast topiary by France

Cogsworth and Lumiere

Chip and Mrs. Potts

Tigger and Rabbit

Piglet and Eeyore



Peter Pan topiary on top of the castle

Captain Hook

Flowers as we head back towards the parks entrance

Girls are finally too tired to walk and hitch rides back to the parking lot

End of a really fun day.  Time to drive over to restaurants for dinner.

The park eateries were SO crowded we had to head back to Downtown Disney for dinner.  After enjoying a nice dinner and the very comfortable coolness of the Splitzville Bowling Lanes and restaurant.  We found our vehicles - this actually took a bit of effort, we had all been so hungry and determined to find a food place no one paid attention to where we parked.  Oops!!  Once in the truck, tired from all the walking and with full bellies both girls fell fast asleep on the trip home. This was the end of a really great day.

Today Cameron is really looking forward to the shed that is due to be delivered, so we can begin working on his living space.  Stay tuned - more to come!!



  1. Sunroom looks great! Thanks for posting the pictures from Epcot. The flower festival gives Epcot a burst of color. Can't wait until we make a trip to Disney again.

    Chad Wesselman

    1. Thanks Chad, we're really happy with the sunroom. Everything was really pretty at Epcot with all the flowers, my pictures don't actually do them justice. We can't wait for you guys to make a Disney World trip too, we'd LOVE to see you all again. Amazing how big the kids are getting when we see them on your FB posts. Both so cute too!!
      Take care, all our best.